7 loans which can be availed by Business Owners

Managing finance is no doubt the most important component to start your own business. This will give you the toughest challenge to survive in starting years of the new business. If you want to borrow money then there are many choices available like banks or financial institutions.

Here are 7 loans which can be availed by Business Owners

Line-of-credit loans

Line of credit loans (LOC) are the most flexible loans for small-business owners. It is the arrangement between bank and customers that provide borrowers with the permission to access and maintain finance. Customers can get Line-of-credit loans at the lowest interest rate.

Instalment loans

In this type of business loan, customers have to repay principal and interest in equal instalments at fixed intervals of time. These Loans will fulfil every type of Business needs.

Balloon loans

In this type of loan you have to pay large amount at the end of the balloon loan. Consumer pays interest and principle in single large payment. This option can be chosen by customers who are surely capable of large sum repayments at single shot.

Interim loans

Interim loans provide a short-term financing for your business. The monthly payment of these loans is very low and that is the reason it is beneficial. This type of short-term loans will help you to arrange firm’s cash needs until a permanent solution is received.

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Secured and Unsecured loans

Secured loans are those in which something is available as security to lender and given at lower interest rate. In unsecured loans, there is nothing to pledge as collateral to recover and given at higher interest of rate.

Letter of credit

A letter of credit will be from bank side and this will provide the guarantee that buyer’s payment will be received by a seller on time. If a buyer is unable to pay then a bank will pay the remaining amount.

Other type of loans

Term loans that can be short term or long term. Personal loans where you pledge your personal collateral to guarantee the loan.



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